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'Bazooline' LP/CD
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'Beach Blanket Blast-Off' 7" EP
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BACK TO THE BONE! Hamburgs top-notch garage punk rock band is on the track since 1993. Over the years, they blew 3 band members and 2 cars, and knocked their songs down to the bare essence of rock‘n‘roll: Old school punk rock in "Killed By Death"-tradition meets garage. After uncounted gigs in european clubs, and a whole bunch of 7 to 10 " vinyl-only releases, they now kick out their 1st full length album: 'Bazooline'. This baby delivers a superb sound, which easily bears the comparison with any of those cheered up skandinavian or U.S. "garage-punk n´roll-bands" of our time!

The Bazookas are:
Jan TM
(guitar, vocals)
Meetz (bass, vocals)
Lars (drums, hollering)

More information on the Bazookas homepage.

Lars Weirup ·Grellkamp 55d · 22415 Hamburg · Germany
lars.weirup @ gmx.de
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