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Bionic Elbows
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Having played in several other bands before, the six members of The Bionic Elbows from Cologne-Mühlheim got together in October 2002 to make rock´n´roll a threat again.
Heavily under the influence of in-your-face punk´n´roll outfits like the New Bomb Turks, Zen Guerrilla or the Tight Bro´s, their first demo-cd “Romeo Agents” got recorded in the living-room of drummer Hulio Aerobic in february 2003; subsequently it was spread out to clubs, fanzines and sold at shows. The Bionic Elbows appeared on compilations and played more and more clubs throughout Germany presenting their mixture of action-loaded performance and first-class, sweatening garage-rock´n´roll.
In 2004 the band recorded their first album during February and April with audio-engineer Christoph Rath (Cellophane Suckers, Bratseth, Ten Buck Fuck, Backwood Creatures, …) and played live-gigs the whole year through. Finally their mighty debut LP “The Bionic Elbows” (Vinyl only) is released on Fanboy Records and hits the street in november 2005.

The Bionic Elbows are:
Hans Peter Stanley (vocals)
Hellmood Hareström (guitar)
Joe Ponderosa (bass)
Guy Paradise (guitar)
Nizzolej Besskar (organ)
Hulio Aerobic (drums)

Contact & booking:
Katze Platten, c/o The Bionic Elbows,
Postfach 80 04 19, D-51004 Köln, Germany
katzeplatten @ yahoo .de, www.bionic-elbows.com
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  The Bionic Elbows