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'Electric Boogie' LP
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Deep down south in the golden triangle Heidelberg, Karlsruhe and Frankfurt you can´t find no opium fields but a band that´s sweating their asses off under the ever-burning south german sun. Living among people who clean their trash cans from the inside on a regular basis obviously gave them the impact to produce such a real dirty, filth ridden sound. Soulfull, blues drenched, nasty – this is how GARAGE PUNK ought to be! And you can bet there ain´t no better band between Heidelberg and the south pole, talking about sound, songwritig and stage performance.
This GOLDEN SCHROTT ROCK DE LUXE machine put out a split 10" and a 7" and then layed down their masterpiece "ELECTRIC BOOGIE", their 1st full lenght album.

BRIEGEL are: JOE (vox, harp, casio - went to take a piss while the photo was taken), BENZO (drums, handclaps), MAX (bass), ED (guitar) and DON (guitar, handclaps)

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