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'Band’s Ruin' LP/CD
sound & info
'Solo' LP + 7" single
(Split with Silky)
sound & info

DM BOB is sure one of my personal heros, coz what he gets out of a 300$ tape recorder, others can´t achieve in a fancy 24-track studio ... and everybody dealing with recording technique knows, that this is the real art.
Together with SUSIE REINHARDT (distant nice of Django) and TANKTOP (also drumming for DOKTOR X) he formed a nice 3-piece that´s around since 1994 and has been quite busy. Countless record releases, where the 2 CRYPT longplayers and the coop-album with NIKKI SUDDEN "Nikki and the Big Deficits"are most worth to mention.
The 1999 record deal with MAN´S RUIN records (R.I.P.) turned out kinda unfruitful, coz the record has never been released. After Bob realized, that there are still good record labels right around the corner, FANBOY RECORDS brought out, what´s now the "Band´s Ruin"album, shortly followed by the VOODOO RHYTHM LP "Cajun Hot Nuts".

After the sudden split of the band (or better the stopping of common activities, you never can tell), DM BOB engages himself in various projects. Showing his drumming skills in SILKY´s band or playing with a new DEFICITS lineup is one thing; the (for us) most important is his ONE-MAN BAND. Doing all by himself, he lays down a terrific performance – a mixture of blues, bluegrass, hillbilly, country and whatever. Known for good taste in american classics from the 40s to the 60s, he is doing some stripped-down killer-versions, alongside with own songs of the same category.
Now available as Fanboy split LP, together with SILKY.

Contact & booking:
Bob Tooke, phone +49(0)40/3172802
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