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'volume 1' gatefold LP
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'Thinking Of You' 7" EP
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When we released the MONOCHORDS‘ first offical EP, "Thinking Of You" in 1999, we told you, that these guys sound as if they just crawled outta some british, suburban garage, back in 1977. Meanwhile the band went through some changes. They took a break, kicked out their "old stuff", picked up an organ player, who was also kicked out some times after, as he didn't seem to understand what Rock‘n‘Roll is all about. But then, with CANNONBALL SCHMITT (organ, percussion), of MUCUS 2 fame, TOBI (guit.), TIM (bass), RENÉ (vox) and BENNY (drums) found the perfect replacement. Together they created and developed what is now known as "The Frankfurt Sound"! Extremely rhythmic SOUL meets raw power GARAGE ROCK. You still think the garagedoors have just been opened. But obviously someybody tuned their automatic opener, which led to a timejump back another 10 years. Nowadays THE MONOCHORDS got to the roots of their roots. From THE JAM to THE SMALL FACES, from THE CLASH to THE WHO. Allways in search of the perfect Garage-Pop-Punk-Rock-Song! See and believe their tremendous success by listening to their new album "volume 1"!

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