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'Drive My Car' 7" EP
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THE PUNKLES are still glad the Ramones chose "California Sun" instead of "Love Me Do" as a cover version. So in fact Hamburg St. Pauli´s "Fast Four" were the first to play Beatles songs in a 1977 Punk-Rock style. After meeting their – meanwhile notorious – manager Malcolm McEpstein, they recorded their first album the same year they met – in 1998, and force screaming crowds to Twist & Pogo ever since, even at the famous "Cavern Club" in Liverpool where they played two raving shows in 1999.
A lot is said, written and lied about them these days. Definetly not true is the rumor that Sid is currently dating a female shock artist named Nancy OhNo! and honeymooning with her in a New York Hotel. Also false is that Markey bought a bus to travel along the coast. Joey was quoted absolutley right he did say The Punkles are bigger than Allah and yes they have a little trouble with islamic organisations, media and muslim fanatics since that. In fact they´re beginning to enjoy it and they´re actually thinking about doing a movie named "The Great Koran Swindle", see how them bloody mullahs like that!

Also check out their latest LP / CD "Punk!" on Bitzcore Records

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