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Rock n Roll Hotel
‘Bar-B-Q’ b/w
‘Same Old Records’ 7"
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Rock´n´Roll Hotel is the alliance between the remnants of Doktor X and Dr. Fu-Man-Chu´s daughter united against the evil forces of the mainstream regime.
Really, why would you think this will be any different from typical garage´n´roll? Well, ´cause the GOLDEN ARM BOYS, the two real “Masters of Underground Garage”, Graf Zahl & Dr. B. Ling, are involved in this lil´ daddy, of course. They are, after all the new saviours of rock´n´roll, aren´t they? Anything they touch turns into pure gold, right? And we have to mention Holy Holly, who is now a real rock´n´roll mother. Not to forget, El Baron is a hipshakin´ muthafukin´ rock´n´roll-MONSTER the way he kicks everybodys ass playin´ the bass!!! Harumph, Rock´n´Roll Hotel actually give you a garage´n´roll-live show, and not interrupt everything with cheesy “talkin´ moments” and tons of dull and boring sounds. This a fuckin´ wake up call!!! Whoever the hell thinks this thing is goin´ to be actually a good prog concept is goddam right!!! By the way, a Happy New Year to each and everyone of you who is in search of real rock´n´roll salvation – you´ll find it with ROCK´N´ROLL HOTEL!!!

Rock´n´Roll Hotel are:
Graf Zahl (vocals, guitar, horrororgel)
Dr. Bert Ling (kick, snare, vocals)
Holy Holly (guitar)
El Baron Negro (fantombas)

Contact & Booking:
Phone 0049-(0)40-38 61 28 26 (Graf Zahl)
Phone 0049-(0)40-399 07 406 (Dr. B. Ling)
info @ rocknrollhotel .org
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  Rock n Roll Hotel
Rock n Roll Hotel