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Band List
'Solo' LP + 7" single
(Split with DM Bob)
sound & info

Packed little places – that seems to be a typical feature of a SILKY gig. First, I saw her performing with her band THE WATZLOVES in the crammed MEANIE BAR in Hamburg. Subsequently she played all similar locations around, now with her NO-MAN BAND. Her remarkeable entertainment-skills and her explosive performance easily rock those little venues, till sweat is dripping off the walls and you got to get out for some air!
Some call it cajun or zydeco. Some call it pop. We decided to call it new wave polka, because it actually sounds in parts like the B52´s were stuck somewhere in Louisiana with just an accordion and a beat box.
Though living in Bremen, SILKY is also part of Hamburgs CHEAP ART family, based in the ART STORE, St. Pauli (the paintings on the photo are actually DM BOB´s, I guess).

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