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Titz "Miracle Mile"
‘Miracle Mile' LP
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Straight outta Austin, capitol of Texas Garage Punk, and thanks to John Schooley of The HARD FEELINGS (and his One Man Band) who told these guys to send us their record, it is our pleasure, here at Fanboy Records to introduce you to the TITZ and their debut "MIRACLE MILE "!

It took Davey (vox), Mickey, Seanzy (both git.), McBalls (drums) and Nicky (bass) a little while to get their debut done but it was worthwhile! Already back in 2000 TITZ entered the infamous Sweatbox in Austin with Mike Mariconda to record their 1st album but failed due to too much substances and other stuff, nobody really recalls it today. Anyway, the band had to take a break afterwards!
Seanzy and Mariconda formed THE STEPBROTHERS while Nicky joined the CRACKPIPES and Tim Kerr's TOTAL SOUND GROUP DIRECT ACTION COMMITTEE. But they got back together after a while and started playin' quite a few shows up 'n' down Red River Street, Austin and elsewhere with bands like THE NEW BOMB TURKS, THE HARD FEELINGS or THE GIMMICKS.
Finally they managed to get back into the studio and hit the Bubble to produce this piece of ISA. Again recorded by Mike Mariconda and mixed by French and Seanzy, the TITZ truly are TEXAS GARAGE PUNK GALORE! Thank you for your attention and please welcome the TITZ on "MIRACLE MILE"!
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