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Fanboy Records started in the end of 1995. On board was a crew, that had much less than basic knowledge about the ‘business’ side of music business and were just driven by their passion for garage punk and rock. Nevertheless the fist vinyl 7" – ‘17M’ by the band Bazookas – was a commercial success. One important reason was, that the east-european pressing plant forgot to cash in the cheque.

After some more releases, alltogether on vinyl, fresh blood was injected in 1998 when people with more professional knowledge stepped in. The first innovation was releasing records from other bands besides Bazookas. This led to a sheer flood of releases of german and international bands and artists (see our discography). There have been some Fanboy-specific inventions like the „Three-Seven-Inch-Power-Pack” – three 7" singles or EPs were produced and marketed together. 10" records and LPs were made and even the weird digital CD-Format got a try. The last was widely ignored by the public, so we stopped such exotic experiments for good.

The record releases were accompanied by numerous Fanboy-mini-festivals and -tours, like the legendary ‘Winter Craze’ tour featuring Monochords, Backwood Creatures and TigerBeat.

Fanboy Poster

But nothing lasts forever: The sales dropped paralell to the general decline of music business. A bust of the distributor and several subsequent changes of the distribution company put more sugar in the tank. Also not helpful was the break-up of several bands in a relatively short period of time after their record release. The pace of releases slowed down and only now and then a new record was brought to the public. The last records were released in 2008, afterwards there was a short period of backcatalog reducing. In the end of 2010 everything was brought down to zero. Not wanting to be a zombie label anymore, the Fanboy crew announces the official end of Fanboy Records.

Anyway, let the needle drop into the groove and crank up the amp, so your neighbours will curse your name forever!

Cheers, your Fanboy Records Team

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