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'Band’s Ruin'
CD / Vinyl LP
fan 101

Side A:
Beat Me
Alabama Wine
Karmann Ghia Play
She Was Beautiful In Louisiana
Your Kisses Saved Me Play
I Belong To You

Side B:
He Did A Favour For Me Play
No Soy Facil Play
Down In The Cracks Play
They´re Gonna Settle The Score
She´s Gettin´ Funky
Drink Up And Go Home

DM BOB & THE DEFECITS’ long lost 3rd album "BANDS RUIN". After two albums on Cryt Rec. and touring with bands like the OBLIVIANS or BANTAM ROOSTER, just to name a few, here are 12 tracks played in their very own swampy type o style! Among them are some classics by such folks as BO DIDDLEY, TV SMITH, CARL PERKINS and NIKKI SUDDEN (with whom they have recorded the long out of print N. SUDDEN & THE BIG DEFICITS).
Okay, you can't really say that it got "new sounds" on it, but honest, who would want this? DM BOB & THE DEFECITS got it all in their haysack! Not really COUNTRY or GARAGE, neither HILLIBILLY, nor ROCKABILLY. Just a fine blend of all of this,and more! Southern, cajunstyled and trashy! Get your load of rice and beans and be sure to have some ALABAMA WINE while enjoying this fine record!