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Split Vinyl LP + Bonus 7"
fan 302

Hush Baby Play
Room #1
Bunny Hop
Big Lie Play
Get Out Of My Mind
Nothing To Wear

Hard Traveling
Road Food
Whip Up The Butt
Jean Harlow Play
Bar-B-Q-Bob Play
Ella Esta Peligra

Bonus 7":
Talk Too Much / FBI´s Top 10

DM BOB and SILKY, both of WATZLOVES as of DM BOB & THE (NEW) DEFICITS fame and also well known parts of Hamburgs CHEAP ART family, have done their 1st. solo record. And we at FANBOY RECORDS are more than happy to bring you these raw diamonds of those two, pure hearted musicians, who by the way, have also been voted Cajun Couple of the Year, three times in a row. Believe it or not! When the idea of a DM BOB & HIS ONE MAN BAND record was born, Silky said: "Hey, if BARBECUE BOB can have a solo, can I have one?" And what should we say? She was right! So we decided to do a DOUBLE-A-SIDE-SPLIT-LP feat. a DOUBLE-A-SIDE-BONUS 7" with both of them! BOB, playing guitar, drums and harmonica is givin' you his indestructible DEEP SOUTHERN and JUICY SWAMP'A'BILLY on his side. SILKY & HER NO MAN BAND, playing the ACCORDION and using one of those OLD SCHOOL BEATBOXES on her side, is playing some kind of HIT DRIVEN NEW WAVE POLKA, as we decided to call it! This one for sure is a soon to be classic album! Among BOB's songs are once a again some cool classics like LEE HAZELWOOD's "Houston" or HUBBIE LETBETTER's "Jean Harlot"! SILKY has written all songs on her own and both had recorded them at the world famous ART STORE, St. Pauli. So, get this record and get fried! VINYL ONLY.