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'volume 1'
Vinyl Gatefold LP
fan 303

Side A:
She´s Not There
Time For A Change Play
Now That Everybody´s Gone
White Sand
Always On The Run Play

Side B:
Little Things To Hide
I´ll Die Ringing
I Don´t Need You Anymore Play
No Destination Play
Quit This Town

Move forward to the next level:
Nearly dead and buried, THE MONOCHORDS are coming back full throttle, with the most expensive production fanboy records has ever seen, thanks to Motor Music. It really makes sense: The guys switched from `77 punk rock to a souped up late sixties wall of sound. British mod soul meets garage – and after listening to the record a few times you don`t know, which one of those many hits you like the most. With a little help of FLAMING SIDEBURNS‘ JOHNNY VOLUME and THE HYPNOMEN's JAN PETHMAN and SAMI NIEMINEN, who joined them at Hitsville Studio/Finland, they recorded one of the best GARAGE ROCK albums (and I mean ROCK) to come outta Germany ever!
Limited vinyl edition, packed in a nice looking gatefold.